About Us

At USYD Rocketry Team, we design, manufacture, and launch high power sounding rockets to a world-class standard. We are a diverse team, spanning over multiple disciplines of highly technical backgrounds. As Australia's first university based rocketry team and Australia's first winning entry into Spaceport America Cup, USYD Rocketry Team's dedicated students are constantly pushing the boundaries and conquering new technical feats in the in the realm of high power rocketry.

Our Vision

Our passionate team strives to innovate and push the boundaries of the sounding rocket environment everyday and we hope to inspire the next generation of student engineers.

The Team

We are a highly-technical team of student engineers who design, manufacture and test high power sounding rockets to compete in domestic and international competitions.


Our rockets are designed for performance and built with integrity. We take a systems engineering approach, ensuring meticulous crafting and rigorous testing.


USYD Rocketry Team would not have been able to achieve all of our major milestones without the generous support of our sponsors, making all our rocketry projects possible.


We are always looking for talented folks