Tetratheca is our team’s first entry into the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge. Named after the native Australian flower, Tetratheca has been designed to provide a technical demonstration of a satellite attitude determination and control system.

Project Details

Tetratheca is USYD Rocketry Team’s first entry to the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge, as part of Spaceport America Cup, and most recently took out 3rd place at the virtual competition. By seating a picosatellite in a gyroscopic rig and subjecting it to the quasi-microgravity experienced during flight, we aim to mimic the environment of space. This provides the picosatellite with an opportunity to determine its attitude, independent of the launch vehicle, and perform real-time attitude control in the form of a detumbling manoeuvre. 

Tetratheca is in the final stages of manufacture and testing and is scheduled to launch on both of our competition rockets later this year.

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