USYD Rocketry Team would not have been able to achieve any of our major milestones without the help of our sponsors. We would like to thank all of our partners for their generous support. You have made every single one of our rocketry projects possible and have provided our team members with priceless learning experiences and opportunities. 

Diamond Sponsor

The University of Sydney, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

We are based in the Aeronautical Engineering building, where the school has generously donated lab space for us to construct our rockets. The school also provides academic support and research opportunities through collaboration and thesis opportunities.

The Chancellor’s Committee

Established in 1977 on the initiative of the late Sir Hermann Black, the University of Sydney Chancellor’s Committee is a group of volunteers who raise money for projects of university-wide significance. Using funds from shop sales and the annual Book Fair, the committee has provided grants totaling more than $1 million to a variety of University projects including Library art collections, rare books conservation, scholarships and other minor projects.

Sydney Manufacturing Hub

Sydney Manufacturing Hub is the University of Sydney’s newest Core Research Facility, specialising in additive manufacturing and materials processing. The Sydney Manufacturing Hub (SMH) supports advanced capabilities to make and process metals, ceramics and polymeric-based materials. They are supporting our team by providing access to their facilities and services.

Platinum Sponsors


Pirtek is the market leader in providing customers with a diverse portfolio of fluid transfer solution products and services. Pirtek is supporting our team by subsidising component costs as well as providing valuable support, training, and technical advice for our hybrid engine.  


As a Wesfarmers company, Coregas is the only Australian-owned industrial gases company. They are assisting us with our major research project, the development of a hybrid rocket engine, by supplying us with all our necessary gas supplies.

Sourceman International

With their headquarters strategically located in Sydney, Australia, Sourceman specialises in providing capabilities for Turnkey, Circuits, Plastics, Metals, Cables, and X-Ray. They are assisting us by providing services for circuit and printed circuit board (PCB) assembly, procurement, and design support for the flight computers on our rockets. 

Sydney Composites

Sydney Composites are specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality carbon fibre and composite products. They have provided us with valuable support by manufacturing and shaping custom fins for our rockets, finishing our airframes, and offering ongoing technical guidance. 


Romar specialises in providing advanced manufacturing solutions for a wide range of highly regulated industries such as medical, aerospace, aeronautical, defence and automotive applications.

NSW Department of Industry

The NSW Department of Industry supports the growth and advancement of industries to attract investment, increase trade and create new jobs. They provided valuable support for our journey to Spaceport America Cup 2019 and will provide funding for our future projects. 

Gold Sponsors

LEAP Australia

LEAP, or Leading Engineering Application Providers, is a leading engineering software provider in Australia and New Zealand. They are providing us with specialised training for ANSYS simulation software and ongoing technical guidance.

Royal Aeronautical Society

Australian Division

The RAeSAD is the Australian Division of the UK Royal Aeronautical Society; a multi-disciplinary, independent, professional institution dedicated to promoting aerospace knowledge, practice and excellence through education, consultation, networking and recognition. They provided generous support for Silvereye and continue to work with us.

Calm Aluminium

Calm Aluminium provides products to the aerospace, defence, and toolmaking industries. They have generously supported us by providing the aluminium billets that we use to manufacture our rocket bulkheads.


Altium is a software provider that provides PCB Design software to engineers of all disciplines. Their software is designed for use in a Windows-based environment and is used in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence and Telecommunications


SCF Containers is Australia’s leading supplier of tailored shipping container solutions with over 30 years of experience. Providing the widest and most diverse range of intermodal, tank and on-site storage containers for hire or purchase, SCF has supported us with the delivery of a 20ft Side Door Container that will be used to test our future rocket engines.

Silver Sponsors


DefendTex develops defence technology to improve modern warfighting capabilities. They are in partnership with our team to provide funding and valuable technical support and advice.


Air’n’Paint specialises in custom paint work and graphic design. They have worked closely with the team in all aspects of the paint jobs for Firetail and Bronzewing, from designing to painting. 

Tolarno Station

Tolarno Station is a station and homestead in the west of NSW situated on the Darling Barka. They have worked closely with us to improve our launch capabilities and have generously provided accommodation to our team.


MeeLoft has provided support, advice, and materials for the Recovery subsystem since Project Silvereye. 

80 20 Australia

80/20 is a lead model in the modular T-slot aluminium framing industry. They provide the team with their valuable and irreplaceable goods and services.

IMC Trading

IMC is a leading global trading and technology firm. They fuse creative freedom, open feedback, and quick iteration to empower the world’s most intelligent people. With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney, and Mumbai, their traders and engineers work together to improve strategies and find solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

Bronze Sponsors

Reach Robotics

Reach Robotics develops advanced robotic arm solutions including ROV grippers, actuators and manipulator arms for harsh environments. They collaborate with our payload team in prototyping and assisting with circuit design.

VivCourt Trading

With operations in Australia and worldwide, VivCourt Trading was established in 2010 and has been growing ever since. As a company, they strive to create a community where investors, employees, and society all benefit from trading.