Bluewren, or Muruduwin in the Gadigal language, is our second 30,000 ft rocket. It builds upon the success of Firetail, incorporating a wide range of advanced engineering solutions.

Project Details

Bluewren, is designed to compete in the 30,000 ft COTS category of the Spaceport America Cup. Following the success of Firetail at AURC in 2020 and SA Cup in 2021, Bluewren utilises advanced manufacturing techniques and improved aerodynamic and auxiliary components, when compared to Firetail.

Alistair de Vroet

Project Director

Bluewren is the result of the combined effort of more than 40 highly talented students. The team is lead by the Project Director, who is primarily responsible for managing the project timeline and finances and ensuring the rocket design meets the high safety and performance standards that USYD Rocketry Team is known for. The Subsystem Leads work under the Project Director, and are responsible for the design, testing, manufacturing, and integration of their subsystems.

Fast Facts

Competition Finishes

1st Place – 30k COTS SAC 2022

Overall SAC Winners – 2022

Final Altitude

29,933 ft AGL

Airframe Length

3.2 m

Airframe Diameter

0.143 m


Cesaroni N3301

Peak Thrust

5075 N

Total Impulse

19318 NS

Burn time

6.2 s

Maximum Velocity

MACH 1.7

564 m/s

Total Flights


1 Test, 1 Competition

Sub-System Leads

James Stokes

Aerostructures Lead

Jishnu Thangallu

Recovery Lead

Omrik Choudary

Avionics Lead

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