About Us

Based in the University of Sydney, we are a dynamic team of student engineers who design and manufacture high power sounding rockets and conduct novel research. Our team spans over multiple disciplines of highly technical backgrounds, and it is this diversity that drives our growth and innovation in everything we do.

We have a proud history of being Australia’s first university-based rocketry team and the first Australian team to enter Spaceport America Cup. In 2019, we took off to New Mexico in the United States, where we won first place in the 10,000 ft COTS category with our first competition rocket, Silvereye. Two years later in 2021, we were back on the podium with our first ever 30,000 ft rocket, Firetail, and our satellite payload, Tetratheca.

At USYD Rocketry Team, we take safety and design quality seriously. All of our projects are accomplished using an industry standard systems engineering approach and we credit our competition successes to a dedication to safe engineering practices. Our goal as a team is to contribute to Australia’s expanding space industry by conducting novel research, facilitating experiential learning opportunities, promoting STEM in the wider community, and demonstrating the technical aptitude growing within Australian universities.


Our Rockets


Our multi-award winning project, Firetail (2019-current), is our first ever 30,000 ft COTS rocket and has been designed to compete at both AURC in Australia and Spaceport America Cup in the United States.


Bronzewing (2019-current) began development in late 2019 and is now in the final stages of design and construction. Building on the success of Silvereye, it has been designed to compete at both AURC and Spaceport America Cup in the 10,000ft COTS categories.


Silvereye (2017-2019) was our first competition rocket and was designed to achieve an altitude of 10,000 ft. It was the first Australian rocket to enter Spaceport America Cup in 2019 and the first Australian rocket to achieve 1st place in the 10,000 ft COTS category that same year.


Wedgetail (2016-2017) was our first ever high power rocket and formed the foundation for all of our subsequent projects.

Research Projects


Tetratheca (2019-current) is our payload project comprising a picosatellite seated in a gyroscopic rig and an attitude determination and control system. It has been designed to demonstrate detumbling manoeuvres for light-weight satellites in a space environment.


Building on a heritage of flying and testing high power rockets, Waratah (2019-current) is the team’s first Student Researched and Developed (SRAD) hybrid rocket engine that will be used to propel future competition vehicles.

Leadership Team

Alison Lockley

Executive Director

Daniel Cook

Chief Engineer

Mitchell Galletly

Research Director

Alistair de Vreot

Project Director (Bluewren)

Bhavesh "Bobby" Balaji

Project Director (Callistemon)

Rohan Knight

Project Director (Waratah)

Michelle Joseph

Operations Director

Kady Zhou

Logistics Director

Matthew Francis

Finance Director