Wedgetail is the team’s first high power sounding rocket and was completed in 2017.

Project Details

Wedgetail, named after the iconic Australian bird, is a single stage sounding rocket powered by a COTS M-class motor and designed to reach 10,000 ft in altitude. Utilising lightweight carbon fibre construction and versatile 3D printed manufacturing methods, the airframe reaches a length of 2.4m (7.87 ft) with four composite delta fins made with carbon fibre overlays and 3D printed cores.

The rocket consists of two primary sections, a lower section (1.3m) which houses the motor, fins and recovery parachutes, and an upper section (0.4m) which contains the avionics bay, payload and the 0.7m nosecone. A drogue-main parachute mechanism is utilised for the system’s recovery, ensuring a safe descent for the 4kg payload carried on board.

Fast Facts

Target Altitude

10,000 ft AGL

Airframe Length

2.4 metres

Payload Size

4kg Test Payload

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