Australia’s first student-built rocket to enter Spaceport America Cup in 2019, where it won the 10,000 ft Category .

Project Details

Silvereye was the first ever rocket built by an Australian university student led team to reach 10,000 ft and the first Australian university built rocket to enter Spaceport America Cup. After a successful launch with nominal flight sequences, Silvereye reached an altitude of 10,027 ft, taking out first place in the 10,000 ft COTS category at SAC 2019. This was an extraordinary feat from our team, who worked tirelessly on the design, construction and testing. Silvereye features a light weight composite airframe and is driven by a commercial M class motor producing 2499.2 N of thrust at lift off. Our avionics bay carries the flight computers use to control our specially designed dual deployment recovery system and also features a pair of onboard cameras. 

Fast Facts

Competition Finishes

1st Place – SAC 2019

2nd Place – AURC 2019

Final Altitude

10,027 ft AGL

Cumulative Hours

20,000 + Design,manufacturing & testing man hours

Airframe Length

3.0 metres


Cesaroni M1590

Development Time

18 Months Research & Development

Airframe Diameter



Peak Thrust

2499 N


Over 30 student engineers

Total Flights


2 Test, 2 Competition

Total Impulse

7544 Ns


25 Kg

Burn time

4.7 seconds

Maximum Velocity

Mach 0.77

256 m/s

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