Bronzewing began development in late 2019 and is now in the final stages of design and construction. Building on the success of Silvereye, it has been designed to compete at both AURC and SA Cup in the 10,000ft COTS categories.

Project Details

Bronzewing, or Guwadagang in the  Gadigal language, launches to an apogee of 10,000ft and features four 1U cubesat payload bays for carrying scientific payloads. The airframe has been constructed by the team from a lightweight carbon composite material and is propelled by a Cesaroni M1590 with a maximum thrust of 2306N to reach apogee. Throughout launch and recovery, two onboard cameras capture every detail while the flight computers record telemetry and control the rocket’s dual deployment recovery system.

Bronzewing has had significant competition success, having secured 2nd place in the 10,000ft COTS category at AURC 2020. This achievement reflects the dedication and commitment of every team member to this project.

Fast Facts

Competition Finishes

2nd Place – AURC 2020

Target Altitude

10,000 ft AGL

Cumulative Hours

10,000+ Design, manufacturing & testing man hours

Airframe Length

3.4 metres


Cessaroni M1590

Development Time

18 Months Research & Development

Airframe Diameter



Peak Thrust

2499 N


Over 35 student engineers

Payload Size

4U Payload Bay

Total Impulse

7544 Ns


25 Kg

Burn time

4.7 seconds

Maximum Velocity

Mach 0.78

264 m/s

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