Executive Leadership Team

Ethan Englund

Executive Director
Fourth year Aeronautical Engineering and Computer Science student. Ethan has previously worked on the media team, before moving onto the work as the Test Infrastructure Lead and then the Ground Support Equipment Lead. As the Executive Director, he is currently responsible for managing and coordinating all operational and technical aspects of the team. His role is to ensure team values are upheld and the overarching goals are continually achieved.

Eleonor Logan-Cole

Chief Engineer
Fifth year Aeronautical Space Engineering and Physics student. Eleonor has previously held positions as Fluids Engineer, Lead Fluids Engineer and Project Director for Waratah. As the Chief Engineer, she is responsible for overseeing the team’s safety, documentation, systems engineering and ensuring that all technical projects run smoothly.

Frida Perez

Operations Director
Third year Physics and Medical Science student. Frida previously worked as the team’s Events and Outreach officer before taking on her current role as the Operations Director. Frida now currently serves as head of the operations team and is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the team’s logistics, finance, media, sponsorship, and events and outreach.

Matt Spiritosanto

Project Director
Fifth year Aeronautical Space Engineering student. Matt previously worked as an Aerostructures engineer for Project Bluewren and the Aerostructures Lead on Project Rosella. After taking on his current role, Matt supervises the design, manufacture and testing of our new project. He also ensures that project safety is upheld and deadlines are met.

Girisha Puri

Logistics Director
Third year Aeronautical Space Engineering Student. Girisha joined the team in 2022 and worked as a Logistics Officer before commencing her role as the Team’s Logistics Director in 2023. Her role involves coordinating off-site testing for the team, facilitating communication with regulatory bodies, and supervising launch activities to ensure strict adherence to safety regulations.

Operations Leads

Frida Perez

Operations Director

Girisha Puri

Logistics Director

Sophia Wood

Media Coordinator

Natalie Bowesman

Events and Outreach Coordinator

Flynn Bryant

Sponsorship Coordinator

Project Leads

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