Feb 22


Overview Rosella is our third 30,000 ft rocket and builds upon our Spaceport America Cup 2022 Winner, Bluewren. This project allowed for further research, optimisation and advancement of in-house manufacturing capabilities to all contributing to the development of our engineering solution. Project Details Rosella was designed to further the team’s technical capabilities, and as such, […]

Feb 22


Overview Bluewren, or Muruduwin in the Gadigal language, is our second 30,000 ft rocket. It builds upon the success of Firetail, incorporating a wide range of advanced engineering solutions. Bluewren was the team’s entry into Spaceport America Cup in 2022, where it won the 30,000 ft COTS Category, and led the team to take home […]

Feb 22


Overview Waratah is the team’s first Student Researched and Developed (SRAD) hybrid rocket engine. Its aim was to develop a proof of concept engine that could be scaled up to a flight ready model. Project Details Waratah’s testing campaign will end with a static fire of our sub-scale proof of concept engine. Currently powered using N2O […]

Feb 22


Overview Our most powerful rocket, Firetail is our first rocket that aims to reach 30,000 ft. Project Details Firetail, or “Wibung” in the local Gadigal language, is designed to compete in the 30,000 ft COTS categories of AURC and SA Cup. USYD Rocketry Team’s most powerful rocket to date, our single stage rocket is propelled […]

Feb 22


Overview Tetratheca was our team’s first entry into the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge. Named after the native Australian flower, Tetratheca was designed to provide a technical demonstration of a satellite attitude determination and control system. Project Details In 2021, Tetratheca took out 3rd place in the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge as part of […]

Feb 22


Overview Bronzewing began development in late 2019 and is now in the final stages of design and construction. Building on the success of Silvereye, it has been designed to compete at both AURC and SA Cup in the 10,000ft COTS categories. Project Details Bronzewing, or Guwadagang in the  Gadigal language, launches to an apogee of […]

Feb 22


silvereye launch

Overview Australia’s first student-built rocket to enter Spaceport America Cup in 2019, where it won the 10,000 ft Category . Project Details Silvereye was the first ever rocket built by an Australian university student led team to reach 10,000 ft and the first Australian university built rocket to enter Spaceport America Cup. After a successful […]

Feb 22


Overview Wedgetail is the team’s first high power sounding rocket and was completed in 2017. Project Details Wedgetail, named after the iconic Australian bird, is a single stage sounding rocket powered by a COTS M-class motor and designed to reach 10,000 ft in altitude. Utilising lightweight carbon fibre construction and versatile 3D printed manufacturing methods, […]

Oct 15


Overview Callistemon is a 3U CubeSat designed to provide a technical demonstration of space junk capture through the use of computer vision controlling a small articulated robot. It is named after the native Australian flower, Callistemon, and flew on Bluewren during the 2022 Spaceport America Cup. Its demonstration went on to win the Space Dynamics […]